B20B B20Z B18B (ref.) B16A1 (pr3)
Available 97-98 99-00 94+ 90-91 (JDM)
HP 126 @ 5400 146 @ 6200 142 @ 6300 160 @ 7600
Torque (ft-lbs) 133 @ 4300 133 @ 4500 127 @ 5200 111 @ 7000
Ecu redline 6200 6700 6800 8100
compression ratio 8.8 9.6 9.2 10.2
Cams in/ex B20B / 9.70mm B20Z (+.3mm) / B20Z 10.03mm / 9.70mm

10.6mm / 9.4mm

Valves 31mm intake, 28mm ex 31mm intake, 28mm ex 31mm intake, 28mm ex 33mm intake, 28mm ex
Cyl Bore 84mm 84mm 81mm 81mm
Stroke 89.0mm 89.0mm 89.0mm 77.4mm
Vin code V=1997, W=1998 X=1999, Y=2000    

I have seen B20B4s, B20B3s, and B20Z2s. Don't worry about the last number, focus on the letter, B or Z.

Chassis code:
JHLRD####VC###### = 1997
JHLRD####WC###### = 1998
JHLRD####XC###### = 1999
JHLRD####YC###### = 2000

Visual ID:


Characterized by the tall intake manifold. aka the tunnel ram, or the giraffe


B20B vs 94+ LS intake manifold.



Intake manifold is low and more LS like.

What is that thing on top?
It's an air chamber that is said to increase midrange torque.

The idea is that the "resonator" chamber works like long runners and a larger plenum when the pressure waves travel back up the intake from the ports. Compared to the giraffe manifold this gives good top end and good midrange grunt. This probably fills in the low-midrange hole we see on a B20 using an LS manifold (see dyno). There is probably a performance draw back to this system in the upper 6k+ rpm range, otherwise wouldn't see this box on the ITR manifold also?


Knock Sensor
The B20Z comes with a knock sensor. B20B has no knock sensor.


B20B Pistons
A slight dish shape on the piston. Be careful, the intake valve reliefs are not sufficient in size for a VTEC head.


B20Z Pistons
Almost a flat top piston. Again, the intake valve reliefs are not sufficient in size for a VTEC head.


B20B/Z Head
The B20B/Z head looks to be the same as a B18B (P75) head. The combustion chamber bore is 81mm, while the block and head gasket are 84mm.


Stock B20 exhaust manifolds look like an extreme case of cost cutting.

Constructed of two pieces of stamped steel and quickly splatter-welded together. Throw it out right away. So far it seems that any B series exhaust manifold fits, such as a B18C or B16A. Also, the JDM Honda ITR 4-1 fits well.


part part number comment
B20B block ass. 10002-p3f-a00 w/ 8.8CR pistons, rods. crank
B20Z block ass. 10002-p3f-a01 w/ 9.6CR pistons, rods. crank
bare block w/mains 11000-p3f-010 with main caps, no crank,rods,pistons
head gasket 12251-p8r-004 also use for VTEC head
B20B intake cam 14111-p3f-a01  
B20B exhaust cam 14121-p75-a00 LS p/n
B20Z intake cam 14111-phk-000 .3mm more lift than b20b intake
B20B exhaust cam 14121-phk-a00

different lobe center than b20b ex

B20B/Z valve springs in 14761-pr4-003/004

 LS p/n, 003=Nippon, 004=Chijo

B20B/Z valve springs ex 14762-P75-A00 LS p/n
B20B piston 13010-p3f-a00 standard bore,13020 is +.25mm
B20B ring 13011-p3f-003 standard bore, 13021 is +.25mm
B20Z piston 13010-phk-000 standard bore,13020 is +.25mm
B20Z ring 13011-phk-003 standard bore,13021 is +.25mm
rod comp 13210-pr4-a00 all CRV, LS p/n
crank 13310-pr4-a00 all CRV, LS p/n
rod bolt 13204-pe1-003 weak, buy ARP
rod nut 13205-634-010  
oil pump 15100-p72-A01 Same as GSR, and ITR
water pump 19200-P75-003 LS
Tensioner 14510-p30-003 should be same as LS
Timing belt 14400-p7j-004 should be same as LS
B20B spark plug ZFR5F-11 NGK
B20Z spark plug ZFR6f-11 NGK


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