B18C in CRX

CRX GS-R Hybrid


Engine mount is unwelded and big hole is made in fenderwell.

New engine mount being test fit in the new locarion.

Engine is shimmed down to clear the hood.

Finished tranny side mount (1)

Finished tranny side mount (2)

Finished timing belt side mount

That's a DC sports GSR header. Note the length


See how low the engine hangs... must remember to remove the plate #

The stock radius rod only clears the tranny housing about 1/2"

The same goes for the other side.

Curved radius rods gave it more room...

...at the expense of breaking 2 cobalt drill bits

EEK!! It's not even delivered yet.

Bal that fell off truck caused this...

Actually the bar was off a forklift...

...which was on the truck...

...which hit the bottom of an overpass.

Bar also took out tires... right rear

Right front. Thankfully insurance covered everything,

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