Hondata ECU Upgrades

Hondata has recently released OBD1 versions of their ECU kits. The new systems include:
  • P28, 92-95 Civic EX 1600 sohc VTEC
  • P30 (USDM), 92-95 CRX Del Sol 1600 DOHC VTEC
  • P30 (JDM), 92-95 Civic SiR, CRX SiR 1600 DOHC VTEC
This is an important milestone in the performance tuning industry with the unprecedented control, tunability and additional functionality now available with the Honda ECU. The ECU upgrades also add the capability of running boost without any wiring or sensor changes. The stock ecu can be programmed for bigger injectors, higher fuel pressure and 12-14 lb boost while maintaining an unchanged off boost tune.

Four different stages of ECU upgrades are available:

  • Stage 1

  • Chip and socket, speed limiter removed, rev limiter increased + shift light
  • Stage 2
    Stage 1 plus user adjustable VTEC, shift light and overall rpms + Air conditioning cutout
  • Stage 3
    Stage 2 plus Full throttle shift and Launch Control
  • Stage 4
    Stage 3 plus Hondalogger and Hondata Rom editor.
  • Boost Option
    12lb  Boost option if added to Stages 3 or 4

Visit www.hondata.com Contact doug@hondata.com or for more information.


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