Welcome to the Hybrid Forums. Thanks for registering. There are a few simple and reasonable rules we would like you to follow. Whether you read them or not, we expect you to follow and abide by them. We are happy to provide this website for public use, but since we own the hardware and pay for the bandwidth, we get to make the rules. So please read the following posting policy. And when you're done, please completely fill out your profile. Thanks!


Policy for both forums:

  1. This is a hybrid discussion forum, not a chat room. If you can't respect that, you will find your messages disappearing, and if you persist your access will be blocked. Respect others, and don't waste their time by forcing good posts off the bottom with bandwidth wasting chit chat.
  2. Commercial and business-related posts are not allowed. However, technical answers, solution or topics from business and related people are welcome.
  3. Limit the "n/m" type messages and one liners. Don't be surprised to find them deleted. Example: "Ha Ha n/m"
  4. No shout outs. This includes "Hey RacerDawg, check yo mail!"
  5. Try to keep the "trendy" non-automotive street slang to a minimum, we want to please a wider audience. In simpler terms, speak English.
  6. Keep user names reasonable in length and non-offending.
  7. Do not post in all caps. It is considered bad nettiquette.
  8. Respect others. That means, do not be rude, do not lash out (even if someone else started it), do not waste others time with one-to-one conversations that would be better served in e-mail.
  9. Profanity in the Subject is grounds for deletion regardless of message content.
  10. Excessive profanity, especially when used to flame another board member, is strongly discouraged and will usually result in deletion of the message or entire thread, regardless of content, merit or value to others.


Tech Forum policy:

  1. For Sale posts are not allowed. Visit the Alley.
  2. Keep it technical, performance and hybrid related.
  3. Do not post messages on the main board that are simply a reference to your posts on the Alley.


Alley policy:

  1. The Alley is a service to the discussion board users, in order to keep non-technical activity off the main board, and keep it focused.
  2. If you have less than 20 good quality posts on the main board, and you start posting to the Alley, you may be banned.
  3. The Alley is not free ad space for your business use.
  4. This is not a chat room. If you can't respect that, you will find your messages disappearing, and if you persist your access will be blocked. Respect others, and don't waste their time.
  5. Keep Honda and hybrid related, however if it is technical, take it to the Tech forum.
  6. Commercial and business-related posts are not allowed. Individuals with PERSONAL items for sale will be tolerated. However, those with MULTIPLE items (of the same type) may be treated as commercial posts.
  7. The Internet is a global network. For sale ads that restrict sale to certain regions are frowned upon and will be removed. However it is understandable to restrict shipping to your country.
  8. Engines and engine blocks for sale will have to have an accompanying block serial number. Ads without block serial numbers will be deleted.
  9. Forsale discussions and threads are not endorsed or moderated by HYBRID. If you choose to pursue a transaction from information gathered from a post to this board, you do so at your own risk. HYBRID will not be responsible.


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