Track Day #2 was even more fn than #1. The turn out was more mixed, at only about 50% Hondas. I'd like to see more next time! But it was an incredible group of guys, lots of smiles, and fun everywhere. Buttonwillow is a challenging, yet not to punishing track. Every Honda drove home safe, which is not the case for a few other marques! There were some damn fast Civic put the SMACK DOWN on fools. And a couple of D16 powered EFs showing the world that chassis prep is very very important to going fast.

Special "Thanks" goes out to everyone that volunteered, and all the instructors!

Hybrid Track Day #2 T-shirt!

Next event is still TBD, so keep watching!

p1010001 p1010002 p1010005 p1010006 p1010009
Chillin at Motel 6 Friday night: SK, Scott DR At least 40 guys at the hotel We owned the parking lot Jeff brought 2 cars Tom's way fast EF
p1010010 p1010012 p1010013 p1010015 p1010016
SR20 fools are hardcore $29.99/ SR20 tire changes It was about 30 degrees me, Scott DR, and AT Nitzan's NSX
p1010017 p1010019 p1010021 p1010023 p1010025
Fools jockin the NSX! "Beginners Stage now" View from the tower Faster cars pass on pass. side Eddy Lin vs hooter
p1010026 p1010027 p1010028 p1010029 p1010030
The Bus Stop Beautiful A ton of action! The Bus Stop 2 more from the Tower
p1010031 p1010032 p1010033 p1010034 p1010035
Adrian at the staging lane Tom and Frank! M3 caught off guard! CF hoody ITRs SE-Rs were strong
p1010036 p1010037 p1010038 p1010039 p1010041
Kit was mega fast ITR drops wheel in dirt! Tom is too fast! Frank's delly We 0wned the restraunt

More Pictures (outside links)

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FooFighter Lots of Integra pics (directory)
Lenny Nice stop action series and pits side (thumbnails)
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