I miss my EF :-(

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I had to sell my 1989 Honda Civic HB a few months ago. It was very sad time for me. That EF is what started the sickness that spawned the HYBRID website. That EF was so damn slow. I bought it thinking I could upgrade it just like an Si. HA HA! Simple math said a 1.5L vs a 1.6L wouldn't hurt me as much as the dollar difference between a DX and a Si back then. My my my, how much we have learned. When was that? November 1994. Soon after I started collecting info on what could be done to a Civic. I dug and prodded for info about swaps. And then I started sharing it by answering questions on the HP list. Somewhere along the line I started putting the info up on my UCLA student web site. The Hybrid page was never 'born'.. it kinda ooozed into existence.

All because of that slow ass 89 EF...

Now its gone. I've owned alot of cars, and never have I been so attached to one.

It went to a good home. He put a cam and a header on it, then dumped it on some Del Sols. He even painted it! So I can still smile. But it's with a tear.

Enjoy the movie.


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