How to build the camera mount

You should be able to get all the parts at your local Home Depot, Lowes, OSH or other massive hardware store and the camera mount from can be found at any decent camera store.

Parts List

3 - by 2 inch bolts
1 -
by 1 inch bolts
3 -
inch lock nuts
7 -
inch washers
4 inches of plastic hose(sku#705230 at Home Depot)
1 - 1"x48" box aluminum

4 - Plastic end caps(Part #1189-6)*
SLIK Compact Ball Head**

*Here's a place that you can purchase the plastic endcaps...
they cost 30 cents each plus shipping...

Drake & McDonald Company

4111 Aurora Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98103

If you can't find the mount in your local store here's a link to a website that sells it B&H Photo Website


1. Cut the box aluminum to the proper lengths. The short piece is 8 inches long and the long piece is 16 inches. At this point you can decide on the position of the camera in the car. If you want it more towards the center of the car just extend the length of the 16 inch piece. Then temporarily tape the two pieces of box aluminum together with electric tape. Mark the position for the three inch bolts, and drill the holes with a inch drill bit.


2. Remove the electrical tape and bolt the two pieces of box
aluminum together with the nuts, bolts and washers. After you have
bolted it together, take your headrest and mark the location for the holes
for the headrest posts to be drilled. Drill the holes first with a smaller drill bit. Then step the holes up to the final
inch size. Be careful while drilling these holes, since you are drilling in between the two pieces
of box aluminum the drill bit will have tendency to bite into the aluminum.


3. The next step is to drill the inch hole at the end of the longer box aluminum piece for the camera head mount.


4. After you have finished drilling all the pieces you will need to go back and clean up all holes and cuts you made, especially the inch holes for the headrest posts. Make sure there are no sharp areas left on any of the pieces. I used a dremel tool with a sander disk (it fits the inch holes perfectly). You can also use a file or just a sheet of plain old sand paper. After you are finished sanding, cut a piece of the plastic tubing just wider than the box aluminum.


5. The last step is to assemble all the pieces and do a test fit on the headrests. With all the bolts loose you should be able to slide the headrest posts into the rubber sleeves (it should be a little snug). If you can't, go back and sand a little off the inch
post holes. Retry. If everything fits, tighten the bolts down and make sure the mount is firmly attached to the headrest. That's it! You just built yourself a $35 camera mount for you car. Now go out and get some video!!!

If you need any more info feel free to email me


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